Vola Fast Refund - service for fast refunds after canceled or delayed flights over 5 hours!

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In the last two years, aviation has suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. There were times when thousands of flights were canceled and airlines were forced to keep planes on the ground. The passengers were affected by these operational disruptions, and the money remained stuck in the accounts of the airlines.

In order not to collapse in a financial collapse, the air operators invoked protection against unforeseen events and refused to reimburse cash to passengers, offering them alternatives such as vouchers in the amount of blocked amounts or free rescheduling of flights.

Currently, the situation has improved, but it will be a long time before aviation and tourism return to pre-pandemic figures. There are still operational fluctuations, with flights canceled or delayed depending on routes, destinations and travel conditions. Passengers complain about delays in refunding money canceled or delayed for tens of hours.

Vola.ro comes in support of passengers and launches "Fast Refund". Before explaining what "Fast Refund" does, let's better understand the existing problem. As mentioned above, there are still flights canceled or delayed in more than five hours due to several factors attributed to the pandemic.

In this context, airlines are obliged to re-route affected passengers, or to reimburse the amounts paid by passengers on airline tickets. It's just that these refunds have been settled in 30-60 days, in happy cases. But there are still situations when the money is left to wait. This is where the new service developed by Vola comes into play.

“Vola Fast Refund” is a service that solves this problem by guaranteeing the refund of the value of tickets or flight segments canceled / modified in maximum 7 days, in the form of cash or voucher usable for any purchase at any airline. In fact, the voucher is available almost instantly.

Basically, Vola customers avoid long-term money blocking because Vola.ro will make the refund in a maximum of 7 days, regardless of the waiting time for the refund from the airline. It is an optional and paid service (the price starts from 4.99 EURO and varies dynamically depending on the ticket price) and can be added to any reservation made on Vola.ro.

In conclusion, if you want to avoid the inconvenience of money stuck after canceled flights, buy through Vola and add the Fast Refund option. You never know when you'll need it. Vola also responded to a few essential questions about Fast Refund. If you have other questions, please leave them in the comments area of ​​this article.

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