The RYANAIR strike in Spain is extended by 12 days in July 2022

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The strike by Ryanair cabin crew based in Spain will be extended for another 12 days. In July, new strikes will take place between 12 and 15 July, 18 - 21 July and 25 - 28 July. Flights from all ten Spanish airports where the Irish company operates will be affected.

On Saturday, July 2, 5 easyJet flights and 10 Ryanair flights were canceled and another 175 were delayed, including 52 easyJet and 123 Ryanair, the unions said in a press release.

"After a six-day strike and given the company's unwillingness to listen to its staff and the preference to leave thousands of passengers stranded instead of sitting down to negotiate an agreement under Spanish law, we were forced to set new days. strike"Said the spokesperson of USO (the Spanish trade union to which the members of the RYANAIR crew from Spain are affiliated), Lidia Arasanz.

At Ryanair, the social movement, designed to demand better working conditions for the 1900 members of the RYANAIR cabin crew in Spain, began on June 24. The Irish company claims that it is Nr. 1 in Spain, serving “ over 650 routes ”From / to the 27 airports in the country.

Last week, the first part of the strike also involved company employees from four other European countries: Portugal, Belgium, Italy and France. They demanded compliance with local labor law and wage increases.

Since the start of the Ryanair strike, which has so far consisted of two three-day periods, "more than 200 flights" have been canceled and "nearly 1.000" have been postponed, according to the USO union. And future scheduled strikes will lead to operational disruptions.

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