Hotels in Bulgaria will have all inclusive in the 2024 summer season as well!

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IRI Travel, one of the best-known tour operators in Romania, specializing in the Black Sea coasts of Bulgaria and Romania, announces that the hoteliers on the Bulgarian coast will keep their all inclusive services intact for the 2024 summer season.

The information that many hoteliers on the Bulgarian coast will give up all inclusive services is unfounded. It is extremely rare for a hotel to abandon the all inclusive offer, successfully adopted especially by 3 and 4 star hotels.

There are over 200 all-inclusive hotels in Bulgaria

Currently, there are over 200 hotels with all inclusive or ultra all inclusive services on the Bulgarian coast. The most sought after are the hotels in the Golden Sands resort, followed by those in Sunny Beach and Obzor. Tourists from Romania opt especially for holidays at 4 and 5 star hotels with all inclusive or ultra all inclusive services.

"Travel agencies already have firm contracts for the Bulgarian coast, summer season 2024. We started to promote early booking offers, with discounts of up to 40%, and all inclusive services remain unchanged. All inclusive represents the great advantage of the neighboring coast. There are also hotels, especially 5-star ones, that do not offer all-inclusive services, but the vast majority of hotels on the Bulgarian Riviera offer this type of service and will never give it up. This is what Romanians are looking for, this is what tourists from many other countries are also looking for", declares Lucian Bădîrcea, CEO of IRI Travel.

IRI Travel recorded, in the 2023 summer season, a 53% increase in sales for the Bulgarian coast, compared to the previous year. The early booking offers for the 2024 season are already available in the reservation systems, and tourists have started booking. Discounts for bookings made until 30.11/31.12/20/40 (depending on the hotel) vary between 2023% and 2024%. As in XNUMX, IRI Travel consultants expect the majority of bookings for the XNUMX season to be made within the early booking program, offering tourists significantly discounted rates and excellent choices in the best hotels.

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