United Airlines has orders placed for 800 planes!

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Earlier this month, United Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the United States and the world, placed an additional order for 50 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. In addition to this firm order, United has entered into a commitment with Boeing for an additional 50 787 Dreamliners as options.

The new Dreamliner order gives United additional flexibility as the airline modernizes its global fleet over the next decade. These orders come to complement the order from 2022, when United ordered another 100 Dreamliners, which will make it the largest operator of Dreamliners. Let's not forget that United is the first airline with all models of the Dreamliner family in its fleet – 787-8 / 787-9 and 787-10.

The fuel efficiency and reliability of the 787 gives United the flexibility to fly its extensive global route network. The 787's improved efficiency and performance reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25 percent compared to the aircraft it replaces, depending on the configuration. The 787-9 has a global range, allowing carriers to fly up to 14.010 km) while carrying up to 296 passengers.

More than 800 aircraft, ordered by United

800 planes ordered by United

In addition to the orders placed with Boeing, United also ordered 60 Airbus A321neo aircraft, an order that comes to supplement previous orders of 50 A321XLR aircraft and 70 A321neo aircraft.

All told, United currently has orders placed for 800 aircraft, models intended for all categories of flights – regional, short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul. Let's not forget the approximately 400 Boeing 737 MAX planes.

United currently has a fleet of over 900 aircraft to which we add the fleets of subsidiary companies such as United Express which has over 500 aircraft in operational service.

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