Pension Podul Turcului

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During the period 5-10 September I attended GPeC 2012 Summer School, an event with and about online commerce. I was accommodated at Pension Podul Turcului, a complex built from European funds, near the Turcu stream, where it also took its name.

The pension is located in Moeciu de Jos, 30 km from Brasov, 25 km from Predeal and 8 km from Bran Castle, on the national road that connects Brasov with Pitesti - known as "Rucar Corridor - Bran".

The complex provides 16 double rooms, decent furnished, with private bathroom and TV. They are ok in size, warm and modest. I liked the conditions in the room, it is clean, every day someone goes and arranges towels, sheets, cleans, airs etc. Don't expect Smart TVs or other state-of-the-art technology.

Pension Podul Turcului

I was pleasantly impressed to see that they have a mini-football field and green space for relaxation. In the yard there is also a playground for children with a slide and a sandy area. They also have a large enough parking. The internet wasn't missing either. There are two Wi-Fi networks that provide decent data traffic and constant connection. Access is free for those who visit the place as mere passers-by or tourists who want to stay.

Pension Podul Turcului

I can say that it ensures the strict necessary for a pleasant and relaxing holiday. The staff was very nice and the food was very good. I had to get into a weight loss cure after 6 days spent at this boarding house.

Pension Podul Turcului

They also have bikes on offer, but unfortunately the ones in the complex are defective. At the time I was, only one was going and that wasn't even sure. He jumped his chain when the world was dearer to you! It is good to check in advance if you need certain equipment.

The place is great for group trips or family vacations. Pensiunea Podul Turcului emphasizes team building activities, conferences, fun and recreational events. They also have the opportunity to make a camp fire, to prepare different preparations on the go.

More photos from Pensul Podul Turcului!

I look forward to comments with new information on the pension, opinions, tips!

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