In Bulgaria, the control of the seaside resorts regarding the observance of sanitary measures has started

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Police and inspectors belonging to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health have begun intensified checks on compliance with health measures in resorts along the Bulgarian coast.

The Burgas region has been in the "red zone" for a week, and at its last meeting, the headquarters decided to strengthen controls in that area. "The distance between tables in restaurants should be at least a meter and a half. This is noticeable during the day, but in the evening, when there are peak times with a large number of people, the service staff should limit access, which is not the case. "

In Bulgaria, the control of coastal resorts regarding the observance of sanitary measures and distance in public spaces has begun.

This is the biggest problem during the season - not keeping your distance. In all closed public places it is necessary to wear a mask that also covers the nose. The mask must also be worn when crowded on the street or in any crowded space, even when outdoors.

All public facilities will be inspected. Inspections at the resorts continue and, since the beginning of summer, there are about 3 or 4 fines per week due to non-compliance with sanitary rules.

On 26 August, Romania has updated the traffic light list. Bulgaria, one of the favorite holiday destinations of Romanians, has entered the yellow list, and since August 29, the rules imposed by the Romanian authorities apply.

The National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) has advised tourists not to panic and not give up their holidays in Bulgaria. All Romanian tourists can avoid quarantine. It is essential EU digital certificate COVID-19.

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