Lockdown in the UK: Boris Johnson has revealed his recovery plan.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled plans for Britain's recovery. As part of the announcement, he revealed that all non-essential international travel will not be allowed until May 17, which will come as a blow to the already struggling tourism industry.

The United Kingdom intends to review the situation on April 12, after which the date of May 17 will be officially confirmed.

However, for the tourism industry, the announcement was unpleasant. International travel will remain banned until May 17, at the earliest, putting an end to hopes of a possible Easter trip, giving another blow to airlines, airports and tourism companies.

The recovery plan will start on March 8.

  • Starting March 8 - all schools will open with outdoor activities allowed. Outdoor recreation in a public space - such as a park - will be allowed for up to two people (for a picnic, outdoor coffee, a walk in the park, etc.)
  • Starting March 29 - outdoor meetings will be allowed for a maximum of six people (eg private meetings). Outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis, basketball or football courts, will reopen for adults and children.
  • Middle school students will have access to tests and will be required to wear masks in classrooms and common areas such as corridors.

There will be a gap of at least five weeks between each of the stages to allow the assessment of the impact of changes on infection rates.

From April 12 major parts of the economy will reopen as follows:

  • non-essential shops, beauty salons and some public buildings, such as libraries
  • pubs and restaurants with outdoor terraces, but also botanical gardens, zoos and theme parks
  • indoor recreation areas such as swimming pools and gyms
  • outdoor accommodation and campsites

The rules of social distancing will continue to apply at all stages.

Since May 17 - if the situation allows - "the rule of six" will be replaced.

  • Two households will be able to meet in public places - with the rule of six applied in pubs and restaurants
  • cinemas, museums and hotels will reopen. It will be possible to organize shows and sporting events - although the social distance will be maintained
  • 10.000 spectators will be allowed access to outdoor events, such as stadium football matches.
  • The limit will increase to 30 people. They will be able to attend weddings, receptions, funerals and other such events.

Before the fourth stage, ministers will review the measures. At this stage it will also be established whether the employees will continue to work from home or whether they will be able to return to the office.

The fourth stage would begin from June 21 and would remove all legal limits on social distancing, with the reopening of the last sectors of the economy - such as nightclubs.

MPs will vote on the "recovery plan" at the end of March.

If you plan to travel from the UK to Romania, you must comply conditions for entry into Romania.

More details can be found on the official websites:

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