Air police mission executed by the British Royal Air Force and coordinated by the Romanian Air Force

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Two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft belonging to the British Royal Air Force carried out on Tuesday, August 17, an air police mission in the international airspace over the Black Sea, for the interception of an aircraft of the Russian Federation.


The direction, control and coordination of the mission were managed by the air traffic controllers within the Air Operations Center.

The NATO Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) Torrejón has ordered the take-off of the two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft in the Air Police combat service in Romania under NATO command. The decision was made following the detection of the air activity of the Russian Federation near the Flight Information Region (FIR) Bucharest, in the international airspace above the Black Sea.

Airborne police mission
Airborne police mission

The British aircraft intercepted the SU-24 Fencer aircraft by visually identifying it, around 10.50, which, after approaching up to 40-50 km from the national airspace, withdrew leaving FIR Bucharest. The two British aircraft carried out air patrols until 11:30 local time, after which they returned to the base airfield.

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