Orange County (California) - Hawaii with United Airlines, from May 6.

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United Airlines has launched a new route between Orange County (California) and Honolulu. It joins United flights between Chicago - Kona and New York (Newark) - Maui. With these new routes, United will provide daily services between more than 20 cities on the mainland and Hawaii.

United helps restore travel to Hawaii and has introduced a range of solutions to make it easier for customers to understand and comply with safety requirements throughout the island. Earlier this month, the airline announced that passengers traveling to Hawaii, who hold a valid negative COVID-19 test, can show results before boarding to save time and ignore lines of document examination on arrival.

The airline has introduced the mobile application "The Travel-Ready Center".

The airline has introduced a new digital solution, "The Travel-Ready Center", in which customers can examine entry requirements in destination cities, find local medical test centers and upload all necessary test and vaccination certificates for travelers.

United has been flying to Hawaii for more than 70 years and was the first airline to introduce services between the mainland and Kona and Maui in 1983. United remains a pioneer in the Hawaiian Islands by launching the first routes between Chicago - Kona and between New York ( Newark) - Maui, this summer.

The United flight between John Wayne International Airport in Orange County and Honolulu will be the only flight between Orange County and Hawaii.

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