Paradise Land Adventure Park

Paradis Land Adventure Park - seaside adventure park

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As I mentioned in various articles, the Romanian coastline should not only mean a beach, but also a leisure. We do not always have optimal conditions in the sun, and tourists feel the need for something else. It seems that things are starting to develop for the better on the Romanian coast and more and more recreational services are developing in the area.

This month the first seaside adventure park, the first in the Dobrogea area, will be inaugurated. This is the Paradis Land Adventure Park, the Neptune area, in the middle of the Comorova forest.

Investor Aurelian Marin, general manager of the Travel Agency "PARADISE”From Constanța and candidate for the position of ANAT president, noticed the lack of such a park in Dobrogea and decided to invest, together with an associate, in a successful business abroad, but also in Romania.

Paradise Land Adventure Park will include 11 routes on different levels of difficulty, but also areas for different other activities: child-friendly trampoline area, relaxation area - hammocks, sidewalks, area for small children who cannot access the park, lodging area - boxes in trees, panel climbing - 4 trails, swing cradle, archery / crossbow, empty jumps from a distance of 15m, petanq - French-origin game, Oina / Golf hit area, airsoft shooting area. The entrance fees to Paradis Land vary between 35 of lei for children and 50 of lei for adults. The investment amounts to about 300 000 EURO.

We are waiting for the park to be inaugurated, and walking on the Romanian coast will no longer depend only on the weather.


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