Promotion on Air France tickets - February 16 - March 11

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Air France reduces the ticket price by up to 46% between February 16 and March 11. For European destinations, Air France passengers can book tickets starting at EUR 189. Do you want to get to the capital of France? You can now book tickets from 199 EUR.

Do you want to reach the land of all possibilities, to visit the Statue of Liberty? Air France has prepared tickets for North America from 689 EUR and for Canada from 599 EUR. Or you may want to travel to the Middle East and then you have tickets from 539 EUR.

The campaign also covers areas such as Asia (Shanghai 569 EUR; Guangzhou 589 EUR; Hong Kong 619 EUR; Mumbai 639 EUR), South America from 679 EUR, Caribbean and Indian Ocean from 859 EUR.

Tickets can be booked from travel agencies or from the website

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