Ryanair will fly from Targu-Mures to Pisa and Brussels

Ryanair will fly from Targu-Mures to Pisa and Brussels

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After many negotiations, Ryanair will start flights from Tîrgu-Mureș airport. Wednesday 16 January 2013, starting at 15.00 in the Small Hall of the Administrative Palace of Târgu-Mureş, will hold a press conference during which RYANAIR will announce its collaboration with the International Airport "Transilvania" Târgu-Mureș according to imperatortravel and tirgumuresanul.

Did the Irish low-cost operator manage to get the financing it still wanted from the 2012 negotiations? After last year's failures, will Ryanair expand further from Romania? Will one of the routes be to Dublin?

There are questions to which we are waiting for answers! We will come back with information!

From the end of April, passengers will be able to reach Brussels and Pisa from Târgu Mureş Airport. The management of the company managed to conclude with Ryanair a strategic partnership for a period of five years, which will bring more passengers and new jobs. The price of one ticket will be 28 euros, and tomorrow reservations can be made. So we don't have flights to Dublin yet!

The management of Transylvania Airport announced at the press conference that air traffic will increase by 30% with the introduction of the two flights in April / May. If in 2012 Transylvania Airport registered 305.000 of passengers, for the year 2013 intends 400.000 of passengers.

According to Ryanair, the company operates in 55 bases, located 175 at airports in 28 countries, has a fleet of 135 Boeing aircraft, has a team of 8.500 people and has served over 80 millions of passengers last year, according to CityNews.

This year, RYANAIR will open two bases in Morocco, the first outside the European Union!

  1. Aliceee Traveler says

    Finally, we can reach those from the North of the country in Brussels - Brugges and Amsterdam at a decent price! In addition, little competition at Wizz does not hurt 🙂

  2. Sorin says

    Competition is always beneficial for consumers :). And yes, the offer is very good for 2 destinations. I expected others and not Pisa ... but RYANAIR probably has some very good reliability studies done.

  3. [...] last year we announced that Ryanair, the largest low cost airline in Europe, will open two routes from Târgu Mures. These will be Târgu Mureş - Pisa and Târgu Mureş Brussels and some […]

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