SPAs and relaxation centers will play a key role in the winter season in Germany

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Despite the pandemic, Germany has announced that SPAs and relaxation and treatment centers across the country will be open, awaiting tourists from all over the world and complying with all pandemic prevention and deterrence measures. Germany has over 900 relaxation centers and spas, being one of the main reasons to travel for tourists from all over the world and including Romanians.

Germany, also known as the land of SPAs, has over 350 spa towns, which offer resorts with facilities and body treatments, relaxation or medicine, located in the heart of the mountains, near lakes, or even on large meadows or near large cities.

More and more tourists have been choosing to go to Baden-Baden for years, considered one of the key points for spa tourism in Germany. Located at the foot of the Black Forest Mountains, near the French border, Baden-Baden is a city with a tradition for thermal baths and a landmark when it comes to SPA treatments. Even the Romans noticed the existence of waters with healing properties in this region, which is why they built several baths here, whose ruins can be visited today.

Monarchs, writers, nobles and musicians of eighteenth-century Europe chose this region of Germany for relaxation, with Baden-Baden becoming the most popular spa town at the time.   

Baden-Baden currently has 23 natural radon springs, one of the rarest and most expensive gases in the world.

Germany is known for its natural remedies, whose healing properties are recommended in various treatment schemes, both for the body and the mind. So, this winter you can give yourself a complete treat, not far from our country.

Whether we are talking about treatments against physical ailments, or about detoxification and total relaxation, it seems that in nature there is a solution for everyone. Mud baths, for example, are known to improve blood circulation, and Heilstollen therapy with purified air to cure allergic reactions and respiratory disorders.

Germany's portfolio of beneficial natural features also includes its North Sea climate, which cures the immune system, lungs and respiratory problems. From medical spas and naturopathic treatment programs to wellness stays, Germany offers a variety of activities to suit many tastes and pockets, so that all tourists can enjoy premium experiences and services, regardless of the purpose of the visit.

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