Speak and Stefania, former competitors of Asia Express, are isolated in a hotel in Jakarta after being tested positive for COVID-19

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Speak and Stefania, former competitors from Asia Express Romania, have chosen to spend their debut in 2022 on a beautiful holiday in Indonesia. But their vacation doesn't have a happy ending. The two became ill with coronavirus and are forced to stay in quarantine for seven days, according to Speak, quoted by click.ro.

Speak expressed dissatisfaction on Instagram personal page, where he shared shocking images from the hotel room. The walls are full of mold and the air is unbreathable, which is why the artist had to sleep with his mask on his face, as he told in the video distributed to fans. 

While conveying her dissatisfaction to the fans, the artist's fiancée, Ștefania, also appeared in the frame, confirming that the situation is not good at all, and the hotel staff cannot help her due to the fact that she does not understand English at all.

Dear readers, pay attention to where you are traveling and do not hesitate to take out travel insurance. Protect yourself against COVID-19 because otherwise you risk getting into the situation described by Speak and Stefania. Travel responsibly!

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