The Italians will be able to travel between regions, from April 26.

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To travel between regions in the orange or red zone, from April 26, Italians will have to present a certificate stating that they have been vaccinated, immunized or provide the authorities with a negative PCR test. , not older than 48 hours. The government decree will take effect on Monday, and Italians will be able to travel to areas with the highest epidemiological risk.

The technical-scientific committee will have to express its opinion on the "gradual reopening" announced at the press conference by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and finalize the details of the provision that will allow travel.

The center-right governors and some exponents of Italia Viva, call for a change in the time until which residents can travel, from 22:00 to 23:00, and the reopening of restaurants (indoors) to be done on May 15 , at least for lunch, not on June 1, as scheduled.

Vaccinated, immunized or tested Italians will be able to travel for tourism in Italy.

This will be discussed during the meeting between the Italian government and the presidents of the regions and it is possible that the decree will include a rule providing for changes if the epidemiological curve decreases. Not coincidentally, the Minister of Regional Affairs - Mariastella Gelmini, stressed that "the way each citizen will behave will make a difference: the more cautious and responsible we are, the faster we will return to normal ”.

The Italians will be able to travel, starting with April 26. For travel between regions that are in the yellow zone and those that is in the orange or red areas, there will need to be a reason. It will be possible to travel only in the interest of work, for studies, for solving medical problems or in case of major emergency.

However, there will be an exception: Italians will be required to present a certificate stating that they have been vaccinated, immunized or make available to the authorities the negative result of a PCR test, not older than 48 hours. Those who meet one of the three requirements will be able to travel for tourism. The decree prevents the summer season, as it allows citizens to make travel plans for the summer.

The latest reports from the Higher Institute of Health have concluded that the restrictions need to be eased.

The choice made by the Control Chamber is to forbid the citizens to drive after 22:00, a restriction valid until the end of May. A decision that many governors challenge. In fact, the opening of restaurants in the regions in the yellow zone, only outdoors, limits the number of customers and for this reason it was requested that citizens be able to travel without restrictions until 23:00.

However, this is an option that scientists seem willing to reject, believing that this will increase the number of cases. On the other hand, the latest reports of the Higher Institute of Health have concluded that the restrictions need to be reduced.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi has announced that this will be allowed from June 1, but some regional presidents are calling for their opening on May 15. "In order not to penalize those who cannot use the outdoor spaces and therefore will not be able to resume work at this time". A position that will hardly be accepted. However, there could be a trade-off: premises that do not have space for a terrace could use free parking spaces to set tables in outdoor areas.

CTS will also analyze the protocols related to sports activities. Gym managers are pushing to be equated with swimming pools and are demanding that they be able to reopen facilities, albeit with strict protocols and individual lessons.

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