Calendar of humanitarian flights to Romania (presented by Bogdan Micu)

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We are in full pandemic of COVID-19. Over 1.1 million people were infected with the new coronavirus. Millions of other people stay in their homes and apply the rules of social spacing. To fight the new virus, healthcare systems need a lot of equipment.

Even Romania needs a lot of protective equipment, fans, masks, gloves and many other necessary resources for saving human lives.

Calendar of humanitarian flights to Romania

Bogdan Micu, a well-known IT-ist who also made the "Forest Inspector", was involved in the purchase of equipment and presented a calendar of flights and equipment that will arrive in Romania.

Calendar of humanitarian flights to Romania

As you can see, in the near future millions of masks, hundreds of thousands of suits, robes, gloves and more will come.

All of these will be brought with large aircraft, including the Boeing 747. And on April 7, an Antonov with a volume load of 750 cubic meters is expected.

Below you have the full message posted by Bogdan on his facebook page.

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