The components of the latest Airbus A380 have arrived in Toulouse / Will enter the final assembly phase.

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On February 27, the components of the latest Airbus A380 arrived in Toulouse. It's a sad moment for the A380 program. We remind you that Airbus has officially announced that it is shutting down A380 aircraft production, and the last delivery will be in 2021. Although it is a beloved passenger plane, the Airbus A380 only produced losses to the European manufacturer. In 2019, Airbus lost 202 million euros with the A380 program.

Residents of the French village of Lévignac watched for the last time the convoy carrying the components of an Airbus A380. Six trucks disturbed the quiet of the small town, carrying the main components - the fuselage, the tail and both wings - of the last super-jumbo.

Airbus A380 aircraft components have been manufactured in different countries in Europe. The wings were manufactured in the UK. The front part of the fuselage was made in France, while the last part of the fuselage was made in Germany. The tail components were manufactured in Spain and Germany. The engine components were manufactured in the United Kingdom and the United States.

the latest airbus a380 convoy

The convoy with the parts of the latest Airbus A380

Bulky components, such as fuselage parts, wings and tail, were transported by sea and road. The network recognized as "Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit" has its own website, which is administered by the French Ministry of the Environment.


Created specifically for the Airbus A380 program, "Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit" includes ships, barges and trucks for special oversized transportation. Other smaller components were transported by Airbus Beluga aircraft.

traseul componentelor avionului airbus a380

The latest Airbus A380 MSN272 will be delivered to Emirates. As mentioned above, the aircraft will be delivered in 2021, when officially producing A380 aircraft will be stopped. Until then, Airbus will deliver 7 more A380 aircraft to Emirates and one A380 to ANA.


The line for the A380 will be converted to assemble the new A321XLR aircraft and other models from the Airbus portfolio.

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