The new terminal of Iasi Airport opens its doors earlier

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Romania's entry into Schengen by air, starting on March 31, 2024, forces the operationalization of the new terminal at Iași Airport as quickly as possible.

Thus, the operation - processing activities in the terminals will be carried out as follows: Terminal T3 will take over flights in non-Schengen areasTerminal T4 will serve flights in Schengen countries, as well as domestic flights.

Check-in formalities and security checks for ALL flights will only take place in Terminal T4. The transfer from T4 to T3, of those who will travel to the non-Schengen areas, will be done through a specially arranged walkway that connects the two terminals.

T4 opens in March 2024

"We have recently discussed this issue with representatives of the Home Office and the Border Police, as well as the airport staff involved, to determine the best solution for processing passenger flows. We have come to the conclusion that the only solution to be ready for entry into Schengen is to focus on operationalizing the T4 terminal, which is ready, as soon as possible.

We are talking about an intermediate stage of preparing the necessary for the proper operation of the new terminal, which will last until the end of March, and this process will be completed in May. In the first phase, we are interested in ensuring the necessary conditions for check-in activities, security control, boarding and transfer. The procedure for receiving the works is ongoing and we are going to take the steps to obtain the international certification and the authorization of the new terminal.

We remind you that the operationalization of the T4 terminal is a more extensive process, given the complexity of the project, and involves the training of the airport staff and all institutions working at the airport, as well as their familiarization with the terminal topology, new passenger flows and modern equipment. Practically, we will do more simulations and tests, through which we will ensure that the entire airport activity will be carried out in the best conditions". - Romeo Vatră, General Director of Iași Airport.

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