The Romanian Air Force received a C-130H2 Hercules plane as a donation!

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A C-130H2 Hercules military transport aircraft entered, free of charge, the service of the Romanian Air Force through the Excess Defense Articles Program, which allows the US to transfer excess military equipment to friendly and allied countries at little or no cost.

The donation of the C-130H2 Hercules aircraft to the Romanian Air Force is proof of the strong and lasting security cooperation between Romania and the US and the shared commitment to regional stability and security. This fact also demonstrates that the US values ​​Romania as a strategic partner and key ally in NATO and supports our country's efforts to modernize its defense and transportation capabilities.

By the end of 2023, Romania will receive one more C-130H2 type aircraft, within the Excess Defense Articles Program.

The Romanian Air Force still has four C-130 B transport aircraft and two C-130 H aircraft (the last received in 2021).

The C-130H Hercules is a versatile and reliable transport aircraft that can perform a variety of missions such as airlift, medical evacuation, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. The aircraft will enhance Romania's airlift capabilities and interoperability with NATO allies, particularly on the Alliance's eastern flank.

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