Tips and recommendations for a peaceful trip to Egypt

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In March 2019, I had the joy and pleasure of attending one FamTrip in Egypt with The trip was made during the period 9-16 March. I flew to Hurgada with Blue Air.

Our trip included 3 nights accommodation in Hurgada at the 5 star hotel (All Inclusive); 4 nights accommodation on the cruise ship M / S Grand Princess 5 stars (breakfast, lunch and dinner included); one day trip to Cairo and its surroundings.

It was a beautiful trip, with good and less good. Egypt is a country of contrasts. There are large discrepancies between the social classes. In our trips we saw very beautiful areas, developed areas, but also poor neighborhoods. We went on dusty country roads, but also on very well built roads.

Personally, I didn't feel in danger. According to MFA warnings, problem areas are in northern Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. We were on the mainland, from Hurgada to Aswan, to the south of the country. One day I traveled from Hurgada to Cairo, but everything was fine. Lots of armed guard on the roads of Egypt.

Images from Egypt

If you plan to travel to Egypt, I recommend that you do so through a travel agency, in an organized setting. Because I received many questions about Egypt, I decided to write a few short tips and recommendations for a peaceful trip to the Pharaohs.

Tips and recommendations for Egypt

  1. I traveled within the framework organized by EuropaTravel. We had local guides. Travel insurance was through Mondial Assistance. I took an extra package because I also secured my goods.
  2. Permanent passport is accepted, valid minimum 6 months after return. I did Simple passport for 10 years. With the new taxes, it's not worth it anymore temporary passport. Especially since now you have to justify the urgency for the temporary passport.
  3. The tourist visa in Egypt costs 25 dollars and is paid at the airport in Egypt. You will complete some forms and receive a beautiful visa on your passport.
  4. The luggage must comply with the rules of the air carrier or according to the information received from the travel agency. As a recommendation, it is good for you bag the hold baggage took him back and returned.
  5. As for money, I recommend you have Egyptian dollars or pounds. In Egypt, the dollar = the euro and you lose a lot at the exchange rate difference. Pay attention to the money received as a rest from the locals. Not to be old or damaged banknotes. Attention and shred it. I got a spit with 20 dollar paper. It was an older generation and was never accepted anywhere.
  6. Regarding the exchange rate, my advice is to work only on official channels: bank or ATMs existing in the hoteli. Personally, I don't trust the Egyptians. The exchange rate fluctuates. I also mention an approximate course on official channels: 1 $ = 5-5.5 LE, 1EUR = 7-8 NO.
  7. Once in Egypt, I recommend you take your local calling cards (Orange or Vodafone). They have many promotions with internet included. We got an offer at Orange: 9 $ = 20GB of the internet + 30GB bonus. The card was taken directly from the airport without any problems. Subsequent I took other cards from an orange shop in Egypt and needed a passport.
  8. I recommend you to consume only bottled and sealed beverages. The bottled water bottle costs between 50 cents and 2 dollars. I took bottled water from different retailers, but also from the profile stores. Besides, I do not use tap water in Bucharest either. The juices and beer were just the bottles they opened in front of me.
  9. The tap water is ok for personal hygiene: shower, hand washing, teeth. I didn't have any skin or other problems.
  10. During visits to museums, pyramids or other crowded tourist sites, my advice is to avoid venturing into discussions with local builders. Sometimes they can be aggressive.
  11. Depending on the time you travel, not to stick a few long-sleeved things in your luggage (sweatshirt, blouse, thin jacket, long pants). Depending on the areas you travel to and the time of year, temperatures can fluctuate greatly. At the same time, large temperature fluctuations are between day and night. In March, we caught very good weather, temperatures up to 25 degrees during the day and somewhere around 10-15 degrees at night. We also had a day with a sandstorm, which managed to irritate our airways. So be very careful!
  12. We are also in luggage. Don't miss light-colored cotton clothing, sun hat or other variants of sun protection, sunglasses, lotion for sun protection or a face cream with UV filter.
  13. Don't miss it from your luggage mini medical kit, containing: patches, antiseptic cream, antidiarrheal tablets (Imodium), headache pills and sunscreen. It would be good to have a disinfectant gel.
  14. Only eat in the recommended restaurants and hotels. Personally, I saw very clean and very dirty areas. The notion of hygiene / cleanliness differs from one hotel to another, from one man to another. Certainly, in Egypt there are areas where hygiene is not up to European standards.
  15. For ladies and gentlemen I have a tip. Try not to dress provocatively. It is well known that in the old areas of the cities, rich in tourist objectives, live social categories with a minimum education and a stricter vision on clothing.

These are my tips and recommendations. If you have any questions or anything to add about Egypt, I invite you to leave a comment on this article. I know people who have ventured alone in Egypt, and the best example is Mirela from the Extravita. At the same time, I know people who would not travel to Egypt during this period. Everyone is free to do what he wants :).

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