How to make your electronic passport simple on 10 years, simple and fast

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Are you curious to know how to make your electronic passport simple? The details in the article.

The debut of 2019 came with good news about travel. As I was about to travel outside the EU, I decided to have a simple electronic passport. The old one had expired again the temporary simple passport it is no longer a solution for me.

According to the new laws, the new electronic simple passport has validity 10 years, it costs 258 lei (see prices for other types of passports as well) And The sheets are customized with different tourist objectives in Romania. Moreover, the procedure for obtaining the passport has also been simplified.

Simple electronic passport

Due to the endless queues, which are registered in the summer season, the General Directorate of Passports has decided to open several counters in the ParkLake Shopping Center, Bucharest.

Being close to me, I was online at the Passport Direction in ParkLake. As documents, I needed the identity document, the receipt by which I proved the payment of the value of the chosen passport and the old passport. see list of documents required for different types of passports.

I paid the passport fee for one of the kiosks on the -1 floor in the ParkLake Shopping Center. They are located in front of Banca Transilvania headquarters. Have some money.

The simple electronic passport costs 258 lei

After paying the tax, I went upstairs to the 1, took a promissory note and waited, I think, for 5 minutes until I entered one of the 16 open counters for documents.

I handed in the papers, I sat down for the photo and that was it. I signed and in 5 minutes I went out. I received a butterfly that mentioned the day when I go to pick it up.

After 2 weeks, 10 working days, I showed up with this flyer, the old passport and the ID to pick up my new passport.

So simple!

  1. Simina says

    I also recently changed my passport. Having an online appointment, there is no need for a receipt… An e-mail is received, and the e-mail mentions the counter and the time when you have to show up at the counter… 🙂

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