Trains of CFR Călători on the route Gara de Nord Bucharest - Henri Coandă International Airport

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CFR Călători will operate on the new route Bucharest North Station - Otopeni Henri Coandă International Airport (AIHCB), so far with 42 Interregio trains. The trains will run on this route starting with December 13, 2020, with the entry into force of the new train running plan 2020-2021.

CFR Călători trains are made up of Desiro locomotives (Blue Arrow) and are part of a timetable of timed trains, with a favorable frequency for both passenger transport to and from the airport, as well as shuttle passenger transport to and from from the Capital. Thus with the CFR Călători trains:

  • the direct railway connection between Bucharest North Station, AIHCB and the national network is made;
  • the travel time between Bucharest North Station and AIHCB is reduced;
  • increases the speed of movement between the 2 objectives;
  • improved travel conditions and traffic safety, in line with European standards.

Trains will run on the route Bucharest North - Mogoșoaia - Airport H. Coandă T1. The route is 19 km long and will be covered in about 20-25 minutes.

CFR Călători started today, immediately after the communication of the routes for this route by CFR Infrastructură, the proposal to modify the tariff, at 5 lei. Until the approval by the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure and Communications of this or another tariff, the price of a ticket on the route Gara de Nord Bucharest - AIHCB is 8,30 lei according to the Ministerial Order valid at this time, which regulates the general service tariffs for transport public passenger railway.

Travel of CFR Călători trains to / from Henri Coanda International Airport

Nr. crt.TrainDeparture stationCheck outArrival stationArrival
1IR 10701Bucharest North01:10H. Coandă Airport T11:30
2IR 10702H. Coandă Airport T100:31Bucharest North0:56
3IR 10703Bucharest North03:50H. Coandă Airport T14:10
4IR 10704H. Coandă Airport T101:51Bucharest North2:16
5IR 10705Bucharest North05:10H. Coandă Airport T15:30
6IR 10706H. Coandă Airport T104:31Bucharest North4:56
7IR 10707Bucharest North05:50H. Coandă Airport T16:10
8IR 10708H. Coandă Airport T105:51Bucharest North6:16
9IR 10709Bucharest North06:30H. Coandă Airport T16:50
10IR 10710H. Coandă Airport T106:31Bucharest North6:56
11IR 10711Bucharest North07:10H. Coandă Airport T17:30
12IR 10712H. Coandă Airport T107:11Bucharest North7:36
13IR 10713Bucharest North07:50H. Coandă Airport T18:10
14 IR 10714H. Coandă Airport T107:51Bucharest North8:16
15IR 10715Bucharest North08:35H. Coandă Airport T18:55
16IR 10716H. Coandă Airport T108:24Bucharest North8:49
17IR 10717Bucharest North09:10H. Coandă Airport T19:30
18IR 10718H. Coandă Airport T109:11Bucharest North9:36
19IR 10719Bucharest North14:30H. Coandă Airport T114:50
20IR 10720H. Coandă Airport T109:51Bucharest North10:16
21IR 10721Bucharest North15:10H. Coandă Airport T115:35
22IR 10722H. Coandă Airport T115:18Bucharest North15:38
23IR 10723Bucharest North15:50H. Coandă Airport T116:10
24IR 10724H. Coandă Airport T115:51Bucharest North16:16
25IR 10725Bucharest North16:30H. Coandă Airport T116:50
26IR 10726H. Coandă Airport T116:31Bucharest North16:56
27IR 10727Bucharest North17:10H. Coandă Airport T117:30
28IR 10728H. Coandă Airport T117:11Bucharest North17:36
29IR 10729Bucharest North17:50H. Coandă Airport T118:10
30IR 10730H. Coandă Airport T117:51Bucharest North18:16
31IR 10731Bucharest North18:30H. Coandă Airport T118:50
32IR 10732H. Coandă Airport T118:31Bucharest North18:56
33IR 10733Bucharest North19:10H. Coandă Airport T119:30
34IR 10734H. Coandă Airport T119:11Bucharest North19:36
35IR 10735Bucharest North19:50H. Coandă Airport T120:10
36IR 10736H. Coandă Airport T119:51Bucharest North20:16
37IR 10737Bucharest North21:10H. Coandă Airport T121:30
38IR 10738H. Coandă Airport T120:31Bucharest North20:56
39IR 10739Bucharest North22:30H. Coandă Airport T122:50
40IR 10740H. Coandă Airport T121:51Bucharest North22:16
41IR 10741Bucharest North23:50H. Coandă Airport T10:10
42IR 10742H. Coandă Airport T123:11Bucharest North23:36

Updated information on train traffic is available at:

  • 0219521 - INFO CFR (internal traffic).
  • telephone numbers from CFR stations are published on in the TELEPHONE INFORMATION section -
  • in the MY TRAIN application enter the exact train number in the box indicated and click on Train information. Get real-time information on stops, delays, minutes at the next train station and estimated time of arrival.
  • to the CFR staff in the stations.
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