France Travel Alert: Code Orange for Storm Ciaran!

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs Romanian citizens who are in, transiting or intending to travel to the French Republic that METEO FRANCE has announced an orange code of wind, heavy rain and flooding for 5 departments in the north of the country. The code has been issued for Normandy, Brittany, Pays de Loire, Hauts de France and Center Val de Loire, as a result of storm Ciaran, from Wednesday 01 November 2023 at 22:00 until the end of Thursday 02 November 2023 .

At the same time, quantitatively significant rain showers were announced, accompanied by wind intensifications. To guarantee the safety of passengers, the circulation of several trains will be stopped on November 01 and 02, 2023, to the mentioned regions.

Romanian citizens can find out in real time about the meteorological situation by accessing the Internet page, and regarding rail traffic, updated information can be found by consulting the SNCF website:

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the phone numbers of the Romanian Embassy in Paris: +33147052966 and +33147052755.

Also, Romanian citizens who face a difficult, special, emergency situation have at their disposal the following emergency telephone numbers, depending on the consular district of residence, as follows:

• Consulate General of Romania in Paris: +33680713729;

• Consulate General of Romania in Marseille: +33610027164;

• Consulate General of Romania in Lyon: +33643627736;

• Consulate General of Romania in Strasbourg: +33627050022.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends consulting the web pages: http://paris.mae.rohttp://lyon.mae.rohttp://marsilia.mae.ro and recalls that Romanian citizens traveling abroad have access to the "Travel safely" application (, which provides travel information and tips.

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