#UnimRomania: We flew Bucharest - Constanța via Cluj and we also had time for the beach (Ep.1)

The #UnimRomania project has taken off. On the first day I made 2 flights to Romania and it was bath time at sea. I flew with Blue Air on the Bucharest - Cluj and Cluj - Constanța route.

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These days are in the project #UnimRomania with #BlueAir - 5 flights in 4 days. On the first day I made 2 flights and traveled from Bucharest - Cluj and Cluj - Constanța. It's amazing how easy it is to get to the sea in flight, without being scared by the long journeys by train or car.

Bucharest - Constanța via Cluj


While in other countries the network of internal routes is very well developed and has come to express normality, things are only moving to normality in us now. The focus of our project is to demonstrate how fast one can travel to Romania from east to west and from south to north through flights.

With the domestic routes opened by Blue Air, the distances between the main cities of Romania no longer seem so long. The distance Bucharest - Cluj was covered in just 30-35 minutes, this being possible by air. What are you doing in 30-35 minutes?

I took off from Bucharest on 9: 00 and 9: 35 I was already in Cluj. Until the flight to Constanța, we had time to relax and visit the second city after the number of population in Romania. We had about 4 hours, during which time we walked through the center, had lunch and cooled under the umbrella of a terrace.


And YES, you read that right. There's flight Cluj - Constanța. Starting with 15 June, Blue Air operates flights from Constanța to Cluj, Timișoara, Iași and Oradea. Which seems normal to me, at least in the summer season!

Constanța - Cluj flight schedule

0B471 Constanta 15: 00-16: 00 Cluj-Napoca - Thursday
0B472 Cluj-Napoca 16: 30-17: 30 Constanța - Thursday

0B471 Constanta 17: 30-18: 30 Cluj-Napoca - Sunday
0B472 Cluj-Napoca 19: 00-20: 00 Constanța - Sunday

On the first day of #UnimRomania I experienced the flight Cluj - Constanța. The 737-500 aircraft (YR-AMA), which can carry up to 120 passengers, was full. There were 119 passengers, given that 3 people did not show up for boarding. The flight time was about 50 minutes on a distance difficult to do by car or train.


We arrived on the coast around 18: 00, so we enjoyed some sunshine at sunset. The colleagues also took a bath in the sea. Then it was time for dinner and relaxation on the beach. The airport transfer to the hotel was provided by the transport company Direct Airport. The company provides daily transfer between Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport and Constanța Central Station. You just have to book your place through the website www.direct-aeroport.ro, depending on the flight schedule.

Those who buy stays through the travel agency Paradise Dream Vacations, can benefit from free airport transfer to the hotel and return.

And you can enjoy these flights too. Schedule a city break on the coast, from Thursday to Sunday, or you can opt for 7-9 overnight stays, and you can also include the transfer. In addition, you no longer have to look after the parking lot or refrain from consuming alcohol. Do you go to the sea to be a driver or have fun and relax?


One thing to keep in mind: flying by plane to Romania is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, and air tickets are accessible. And besides this, the main cities in Romania are more easily linked by air. Take advantage of these opportunities! Fly!

Today we are making the 3 flight from #UnimRomania, on route Constanța - Timișoara. But about this experience in tomorrow's episode.

We thank Blue Air for the support and for being able to develop a very attractive domestic flight network, which supports those who want to travel faster through Romania.

We thank the sponsors Hotel Unirea (Iasi); Agency Vacant Paradise of Vis (Constant); transportation company Direct Airport (Constanta) and Hotel Check Inn (Timisoara) because they have responded positively to our requests and want to be part of this daring project.

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