#UnimRomania: I united Romania from east to west with Blue Air (Ep.2)

The second day of the project #UnimRomania took us by air to the west of Romania. In about 60 minutes, we traveled the distance from Constanța to Timișoara.

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We continue to keep you up to date with what happened in the #UnimRomania project. The second day started with breakfast on the terrace of the Zenith hotel in Mamaia and then with 2-3 hours of relaxation, during which time I told you about day 1 from UnimRomania with Blue Air.


Constanța - Timișoara with Blue Air

Around 13: 00, we boarded the Direct Airport minibus and headed for Mihail Kogalniceanu Constanța International Airport. In about 30-35 minutes, we arrived at the airport in Constanta for the 3 scheduled flight to #UnimRomania: Constanța - Timisoara.


This route was opened in the middle of this month and will be operational until September. It is a seasonal connection to facilitate tourism on the Romanian coast, giving Banatans the opportunity to reach Constanța in about 60 minutes.

So much of today's flight, which was operated with the Boeing 737-500 (YR-AMA), lasted so long. The load rating was about 70%, but let's not forget that it was the 3 flight this season. From our information, the races will be fuller starting in July.

Below you can find the flight schedule Constanța - Timișoara

0B473 Constanta 15: 00-16: 15 Timisoara - Friday
0B474 Timisoara 16: 45-18: 00 Constanța - friday

0B473 Constanta 13: 30-14: 15 Timisoara - Sunday
0B474 Timisoara 15: 15-16: 30 Constanța - Sunday

And look, in a very short time I arrived in the capital of Banat. We stayed at Hotel Check Inn and then we stepped out through the city. We had dinner at Casa Bunicii and we met with Nenea Iancu at one of the terraces in the historical center.


In a nutshell: I drank my coffee in Constanța, had lunch on the plane and had dinner in Timișoara. The distance of approximately 750 kilometers was traveled by plane in less than one hour, compared to the 9 hours that would take the car. What do you prefer?

In my soul there is that "WOW" feeling about how fast you can travel from one corner to another in Romania or in the World with the help of the plane. Who would have thought that in just 100 years, aviation would grow so much?

Today follows the 4th flight from UnimRomania, on the route Timisoara - Iasi, but about it in the next episode!

Thank you Blue Air for your support and for managing to develop a very attractive domestic flight network, which supports those who want to travel faster through Romania.

We thank the sponsors Hotel Unirea (Iasi); Agency Vacant Paradise of Vis (Constant); transportation company Direct Airport (Constanta) and Hotel Check Inn (Timisoara) because they have responded positively to our requests and want to be part of this daring project.

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