#UnimRomania: The map "Unim Romania" was completed by the visit to Iași (Ep.3)

The 3 day of the project "Unim Romania" took us to the capital of Moldova. After 4 flights, the #UnimRomania team arrived at IAII.

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The 3 day of the project #UnimRomania has also passed (read about Day 1 and Day 2). With fast flights, we find that our project is nearing completion. After 4 segments flown with Blue Air, today we landed in IAȘI. It took us a while…

Photo: Marius Gerber

Only now can we say that the map of Romania is complete. Blue Air managed to unite the major regions: Muntenia, Transylvania, Dobrogea, Banat and Moldova. If he lived, Alexandru Ioan Cuza he would have been envious of Blue Air. He managed "only" the Little Union.

But let's say goodbye to 3's day. He made his breakfast debut at Hotel Check Inn. We quickly enjoyed a good tortilla (it was really good) and a few grilled sausages (and they were very good ones), and then we boarded taxis, with the direction of Traian Vuia International Airport, Timisoara.


Check-in at the airport (free of charge), security check-in and around 9: 00 was already in the waiting room. The Boeing 737-500 (YR-AMC) aircraft arrived from Cluj and returned to Iasi. We remind you that: starting with 1 October 2016, Blue Air operates domestic flights in the triangular network Iași - Cluj - Timișoara.

Schedule of flights Iasi - Cluj - Timisoara

On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays
IASI 07: 00 - 08: 10 Timisoara
Timisoara 08: 40 - 09: 20 Cluj
Cluj 09: 50 - 10: 45 IAŞI

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
IASI 07: 00 - 07: 55 Cluj
Cluj 08: 25 - 09: 05 Timisoara
Timisoara 09: 35 - 10: 45 Iasi

It's great how a flight can unite 2 cities hundreds of miles so fast. At 10: 09 I took off from Timisoara, and at 11: 01 was a touchdown (the wheels of the aircraft reached the runway) in Iasi.

The team "Unim Romania" in Iași

The capital of Moldova has been waiting for us with beautiful weather, sun and 22 of very good degrees of relaxation and walking. After staying at Hotel Unirea, the UnimRomânia group was divided, and each one visited and walked according to the steps. Some also arrived at the University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", losing their footsteps in the "Hall of lost steps".

I have visited IAI several times and I really recommend 10 reasons so do you. The Palace of Culture has been opened and can be visited. It does not cost much, the rate being determined according to the museums you want to visit + a tour in the tower.

But IAII does not only mean walks to palaces, churches and other sights, but also interesting and attractive events. Today was the Universal Day of Iei, on which occasion were organized several cultural activities and concerts in the area of ​​the Palace of Culture.

10.000 people were waiting for the festival Romania Authentic, which was organized simultaneously in IAI, Târgu Jiu and Hobiţa. It is nice to see that the Romanian AI has reached a great search. Traditions do not disappear, they just change!


I spent the evening in the company of friends from Iasi. We debugged memories, laughed, had dinner and enjoyed the common passion - AVIATION. "Are we allowed to say that we also drank hop juice (outside the program)? Not? Okay, then I didn't drink! : D "

The days have passed very quickly and we are already on the last day of this project. So far, within #UnimRomania, we have traveled about 1950 kilometers by air.

In a few hours we will fly on the route Iasi - Bucharest (but you will read about this flight in the next episode), this being the 5th segment planned in this project. But it will certainly not be the last because each of us will continue to travel by plane to Romania.

I ended this article with a great view from the Panoramic Restaurant of the Unirea Hotel and with an oreo cheesecake served at the height.


Thank you Blue Air for your support and for managing to develop a very attractive domestic flight network, which supports those who want to travel faster through Romania.

We thank the sponsors Hotel Unirea (Iasi); Agency Vacant Paradise of Vis (Constant); transportation company Direct Airport (Constanta) and Hotel Check Inn (Timisoara) because they have responded positively to our requests and want to be part of this daring project.

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