Untold 2022 brought revenues of over 50 million EURO to the local budget of Cluj

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Untold 2022 has ended, one of the largest editions of the famous electronic music festival that takes place every year in Cluj. It was four days and four nights of good music brought to the Untold festival stage by 200 world-renowned DJs. David Guetta, Steve Aoki, G-Eazy and Kaygo gathered electronic music lovers in front of the Cluj stages. The biggest festival in Romania brought together, this year, people from 102 countries. It is estimated that over 100 people attended each day.

Edy Chereji, UNTOLD organizer, declared for Digi24: "Every year they come from all over the world. We have people from New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina. Most are from Europe, but we have people from all over the globe".

And the mayor of Cluj, Emil Boc, was in front of the stage on all days of the festival. Emil Boc declared: "If David Guetta is present at Untold, who is only a year younger than me, why shouldn't I be in the arena?"

Going over the PR statements, the mayor of Cluj also stated that Untold brings over 50 million EURO to the local budget, money that comes from fees and taxes, but also from what those present at the festival spend. There is money brought to the city by tourists who stay, eat, and have fun.

Emil Boc declared, on Sunday evening, at Digi 24, that the rebranding of Cluj was needed to attract tourists. "These days, Romania is divided between the sea and Cluj. We end this festival tonight, Romania stays at the sea because it is an extraordinary part of this country, we Cluj don't have a sea and then we have to brand our city on other things that can bring us tourists, Electric Castle, the Festival Transilvania Film International and at the top of the Untoldul pyramid, help us maintain the artistic dimension, the tourism dimension of the city for more than two months".

  1. Claudiu says

    The local budget is one. What tourists spend in the city is another matter. That money does not reach the local budget. Boc eats shit as usual, he doesn't make the difference between them anymore. That restaurant or hotel will pay to the town hall the same as before untold. The only ones making money are HORECA and the company that organizes it. The latter anyway pay small amounts for renting the park and the related area. For this, the Dwarf should give explanations.
    What tourism is the dwarf talking about, Cluj is far behind Bucharest in terms of tourism. It had about 200k tourists in 2021. Brasov had 1 million. What are we talking about. Go to bed Boc with your millions of euros. Untold, apart from horeca and the smart guys who organize and make the hard money, doesn't help Cluj at all. In fact, I'm having a week of trouble.

    1. Sorin says

      Claudiu, local merchants pay local taxes. Tourists who spend locally, also bring money to the local budget. Traders spend the money locally by purchasing goods, local circulation :). So the money stays local.

    2. Sorin says

      As for the comparisons, you are wrong again. Bucharest has business tourism at most. And occasionally a few events that, taken together, do not reach the level of events in Cluj :). Okay, what's the point of comparing apples and pears?

    3. Sorin says

      As for the rents and other things paid by the organizers, I say document yourself :). And you left on the trap and not ok. The information you invoke is public and you can request it from the local administration.

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