UTI CFM SA put into operation at Otopeni Airport the largest and most efficient cargo scanning equipment in Romania

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UTI Construction and Facility Management supplied, installed and integrated at the Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest (Otopeni), for the company MENZIES AVIATION (ROMANIA) – world leader in aviation services, a scanning equipment unique in Romania.


This is the largest and most efficient scanner for cargo parcels and was made by Smiths Detection. The equipment has the largest tunnel dimensions in the industry – 1,80 x 1,80 meters.

The transport capacity of the rollers is approx 5.000 kilograms, being able to scan various parcels, including LD3 containers (predefined sized enclosures in which cargo is loaded (baggage/mail/food to optimize hold space).

The X-ray scanning equipment put into operation by UTI Construction and Facility Management in the premises of Otopeni Airport is equipped with two generators high performance, which ensures high penetration power and substantially reduces the need for operators to open parcels and rescan them from various angles.  

Based on a dual view concept, the Smiths Detection branded system provides two clear and independent images of scanned goods, resulting in a more accurate and reliable assessment. The two X-ray generators are very powerful and capable of penetrating even large and dense objects. Therefore, the consolidated cargo should not be broken down into smaller items, ensuring a high throughput and a fast and efficient inspection process.

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