When does America Express 2022 start?

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The first season America Express 2022, sequel to the famous show Asia Express, has already been filmed in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. The 18 contestants have returned from their trip through South America. Now we are eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the America Express 2022 edition on Antena 1.

Although "America Express" fans, including us, expected the show to debut in 2022, it seems that the show will debut in January 2023. In a question and answer session held on Instagram, the administrators to the mundane news account "Jolly Vipers", they revealed that the show will be available on the small screen from January next year.

Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu and his girlfriend, actress Doina Teodoru; Puya and his wife Melinda; Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan; Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea; stylist Ovidiu Buta and artistic director Joaquin Bonilla; Jean Gavril and Dinu's brother; singer Bruja and her friend Pufeh; gymnasts Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar; Bie Adam, one of the most famous online content creators and her mother are the stars who were on the Gold Road in the competition for the coveted title of winner of the most spectacular reality show in Romania.

All we have to do is wait!

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