(Video) Boeing 787 Norwegian Vs. Airbus A340 Virgin Atlantic at 12 000 meters altitude

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In the autumn of last year, a passenger filmed a "race" at the height. According to his statements, he was on the Boeing 787 Norwegian aircraft, which operates the flight between London (Gatwick) and New York (JFK). On the flight over the Atlantic for 30 minutes, the Norwegian aircraft flew very close to an Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340, the latter operating a flight between London (Heathrow) and Boston.

Boeing 787 Norwegian flew to the 40 000ft, and Airbus A340 Virgin Atlantic flew to the 39 000ft. Both aircraft flew safely, according to standard flight procedures across the Atlantic, a topic I approached a while ago starting from a video material created by KLM. If you encounter such situations, you just have to enjoy the view. Don't panic. In this case, the vertical ceiling allowance was 1000 ft. Such situations are not dangerous, but they are certainly very spectacular. Have you had any such "races" on your flights?

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