Zsolt "Popey" Sinka in partnership with Wizz Air for a new world record

Zsolt "Popey" Sinka in partnership with Wizz Air for a new world record

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Wizz Air celebrates the new world record set in partnership with Zsolt "Popey" Sinka, in the category "the heaviest aircraft with teeth". Today at 10: 25, Zsolt "Popey" Sinka gritted his teeth in a row of 7m lengths and fired one of the newest Wizz Air A320 aircraft, weighing over 50 tonnes.

Zsolt "Popey" Sinka was encouraged by Wizz Air employees, Budapest Airport staff and the most beautiful Wizz Air crew members. The athlete managed to walk behind 39.2m in 52 seconds, pulling the 180 aircraft out of places. The World Record result was certified by the Hungarian Record Committee and will be sent to the Gusiness judges for inclusion in the Guinness Record Book.

According to the official report of the Budapest Airport, the air temperature had a value of 31.1C, on the asphalt level being 43.3C.

Speaking at the press conference after the event, Zsolt "Popey" Sinka said:

“I am pleased with today's record result and I am excited that I have achieved a new goal. Making the team with Wizz Air, another success story, was the best decision to make this day unforgettable and to have my own order on an Airbus for 52 seconds, during almost 40 meters! ”

Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, was very joking in his statements:

“Wizz Air congratulates Zsolt on the heaviest aircraft ever fired. This showed that the ground movements of a fuel-consuming aircraft can be made by the power of the muscles. We are very happy about this success and will be discussing plans to hire Zsolt to train ground crew who can save us millions by pulling the 44 of toothed aircraft over the 94 of the airports we operate. In the spirit of affordable tariffs, Zsolt could open the opportunity for a ground handeling revolution. ”

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