Austrian Airlines introduced new cabins on long haul flights (video)

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Austrian Airlines has invested 90 million EURO in 2.538 seats, which have been installed on four Boeing 777 and six Boeing 767, long-haul aircraft. The new Economy Class and Business Class cabins offer a high degree of passenger comfort and come equipped with a new entertainment system.

Passengers who will fly to Business Class with Austrian Airlines, they will enjoy the comfort of the new armchairs (flat beds), but also the DO & CO brand menus. The reconfiguration of the cabins has led to an increase in passenger satisfaction by 31%.


  1. Master RA says

    I flew with Austrian on Beijing-Vienna with B767, and on Bangkok-Vienna with B 777-200. After many years, they also managed to facelift these planes. It is true now the cabins look current. The problem is different, when I was flying I thought that B767, they are from the time of Lauda Air (they were taken over by the Austrian, when they bought Lauda Air), meaning they are about 22-25 years old, here is B 777-200 "going" and they to 15-18 years. However, for a company that respects itself, and the competition that is now on the run to Asia, Southeast Asia, they are a bit behind.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      A plane can fly for 100 years if properly maintained. The only problem that drives many to buy airplanes is fuel consumption. You can save a lot of money if you fly with state-of-the-art planes… Otherwise, smooth flights!

  2. Master RA says

    Theoretically it is, but practically not. One is to cross Europe with a Dacia 1300, 25 years, and another with a Dacia Logan 5 years! And it's not just about fuel consumption. Also in flight, one is to cross the Hymalaia with a B767 of 25 years and another with a B 777-300 of 5 years, or an A380 of 2 years.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Why? Dacia does not work if it is maintained? :) Poor Dacie, she is better the old one and more resistant to the new one 😀

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