Dubai International Airport (DXB) has been celebrating 58 for years

Today, September 30 2018, Dubai International Airport (DXB) celebrates 58 for years since it became operational. It all started with a compacted runway and became one of the largest airports in the world. But more in the article.

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On 30 September 1960, 58 years ago, Dubai International Airport (DXB) opened its doors. The terminal was in a small building, and the track was of compacted sand and was 1800 meters long. This airport was commanded by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai at that time. At that time, DXB could receive aircraft the size of a DC-3.

In just 10 years, Dubai International Airport (DXB) received an 2800 asphalt runway of meters, new terminals, hangars, a lighting system and instrument landing system (ILS), as well as other extensions and new buildings. In 1969, 9 airlines operated to 20 destinations.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) at 58 for years


After 58 years, Dubai International Airport (DXB) has become one of the largest airports in the world. Over 140 of airlines flies to a network of over 240 of destinations and annually transports over 88 of millions of passengers. In 2017, Dubai International Airport (DXB) was the first in the world for international passenger traffic.

Other figures about Dubai International Airport (DXB): over 420 000 of aircraft movements (landings and take-offs); 2 asphalt tracks (4000 meters and 4450 meters); 4 terminals (Concourse A, B, C, D).

In the 58 years, Dubai International Airport (DXB) was transited by 974 461 017 passengers. That means building with plans for decades in advance. That means having a vision, that's the spirit of Dubai.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! سنوات عديدة!

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