A Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian is blocked in Iran

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Update: NEVER! Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian aircraft, indicative of LN-BKE, is still blocked in Iran. Norwegian mechanics came to the aircraft and tried to repair it without spare parts, but in vain. The plane needs a new engine.

Due to the US embargo imposed on Iran, the necessary engine is impossible to import without the consent of the US authorities. We will come back in detail…

The initial news! On 14 December 2018, LN-BKE indicative Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian aircraft had to land in Iran due to technical problems.

The aircraft was operating flight DY1933, on the route Dubai - Oslo, when the pilots reported a problem with one of the engines and made an emergency landing at Shiraz International Airport in Iran.

Before landing, the aircraft remained in the hold until it consumed more fuel to allow the pilots to land safely.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Norwegian crashed in Iran

After landing, the plane was pulled into an area that allowed passengers and crew to land. They were staying at a hotel near the airport, waiting for another Norwegian aircraft to come and pick them up.

This has happened. Another 737 MAX 8 aircraft arrived and took passengers on 15 December. But the story of the incident continues.

And from here the problems started. It was for the first time, in the history of Iran, when a Norwegian aircraft landed on them in an "orchard." Apart from flying rights in the Iranian airspace, Norwegian has no other contracts and rights.

Passengers have officially entered Iran, which no longer entitles them to travel to the United States under the visa waiver program. This means that passengers who want to fly from Oslo to the United States must go to the US Embassy and ask for permission.

The Norwegian carrier has no contracts for ground services. And the Iranians do not specialize in maintaining Boeing aircraft.

It is even illegal for an Iranian technician / mechanic to get hold of sketches of Boeing aircraft. We remind you that Iran has an embargo imposed by the United States. 

If Norwegian needs a part for the Boeing 737 MAX 8, it would be difficult to import into Iran. Special requests must be made, which require high level approval in the United States. Until then, the plane stays on the ground.

This Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 remained captive of the embargo imposed on Iran. Norwegian officials are making every effort to fix the aircraft problem and bring it back to Oslo.

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