About 5000 young people are being held in quarantine due to a COVID outbreak following a party in Mallorca

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Nearly 5 people are in quarantine after high school students on holiday on the beautiful island of Mallorca attended a party and a major outbreak of COVID-000 broke out on the beautiful Mediterranean island, a senior official said on Monday. .

Authorities confirmed that nearly 1200 positive cases were detected after the party, said Fernando Simón, Spain's emergency medical coordinator.

The party-goers, who were celebrating the end of their university entrance exams, created a "perfect environment" for the virus while interacting with other tourists from all over Spain and abroad, Simón told a news conference.

Health authorities in Mallorca have conducted mass tests on hundreds of students after the outbreak was declared. It is believed to have spread as hundreds of partying students gathered for a concert and street parties.

Officials have so far tracked 5126 passengers in Mallorca.

Thousands of infected teenagers are still on the island. Some people are held in quarantine in their hotel rooms, while others have been moved to a hotel used by local authorities to isolate those with mild symptoms or suspicious cases.

Meanwhile, the case went to court after the mother of one of the students isolated in the hotel accused the authorities of illegal detention. At least 14 other students have been admitted to hospitals on the island as a precautionary measure, with only mild symptoms so far.

Simón noted that the parents of the adolescents were probably around 45 and 55 years old and that not all age groups received both doses of COVID-19 vaccine, which could lead to community transmission.

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