Air traffic controllers in Romania will be on strike

Today, between 11 and 13, air traffic controllers in Romania will be on a warning strike!

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The Union of Romanian Air Traffic Services within ROMATSA, an administration that provides air traffic services in Romania, will organize a two-hour warning strike, between 11-13.

During this time, 60% of the flights operated from / to Romania will be affected, but also of those that transit the Romanian airspace. In these cases, Eurocontrol will decide the approximately 30% of the operated flights, which will remain on the ground and which will bypass the Romanian airspace.

According to the Law on Social Dialogue No. 62 / 2011, ROMATSA will provide 33.3% of flights. State, medical, search and rescue and emergency humanitarian flights will not be affected.

They sold the Romanian land… Is Heaven coming?

Employees are unhappy because the new collective labor agreement has not yet been signed, they are unhappy with the politicization and overthrow of the institution, by the faulty management, by the increasing volume of work related to a smaller number of air traffic controllers.


In a letter, ATSR trade unionists publicly apologize for the inconvenience to passengers and call on the world to be on their side. "They sold the Romanian land… Is Heaven Next?", The title of this letter.

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