ANPC accuses Blue Air of preparing to leave the market and takes time not to return the money to consumers!

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The conflict between ANPC and Blue Air it is far from over. After ANPC announced that fined Blue Air 2 million euros, the Romanian low-cost carrier accused ANPC of abuse of office and even made a bribery complaint (so far without evidence). In turn, National Authority for Consumer Protection, through the voice of the lord Horia Constantinescu,he tells the company that he is preparing to leave the market and take the time not to return the money to consumers!

If there were any hopes that the affected passengers would receive their money on the canceled flights, this conflict leads to the loss of hope.

In the last 2 years, Blue Air has canceled flights due to the pandemic or due to the small number of passengers. That wouldn't have been a problem as long as the company complied air passenger rights and refund on request the money on canceled tickets. It's just that Blue Air tried to keep the cash and solve the passengers' problems by other methods: rescheduling flights or reimbursing in the form of wallet credit. Having only the 2 alternatives at their disposal, with or without their will, the passengers accepted and tried to consume the credit from the wallet on other flights. In fact, this was investigated by ANPC, the fact that Blue Air did not respect the rights of passengers.

But ANPC also made mistakes in the investigation of the company and this pre-pronounced communication can lead to procedural defects. "antepronunţarea"Means that the person who is to take a court decision announces it before the procedure that must precede that decision is completed. Or because of that Blue Air is now challenging the fine and all complementary measures.

The circus doesn't stop here. It is important that the end result is in favor of the injured passengers. We hope so.

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