Beatings on the plane, in Otopeni - the thread of events, about rules, intervention and prejudices

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On July 17, on board a TAROM plane, which was to operate the RO101 Bucharest - Cairo flight, a fight broke out between 2 passengers, crew and law enforcement. Below we try to reproduce the thread of events in accordance with the official information received through press releases.

It all started from a woman, who settled on one of the emergency places, without meeting the criteria of staying in that area. The personnel on board tried to train him according to the flight rules. Being at one of the emergency exits, the woman had to speak English or the language of the crew, be physically fit to help evacuate in the event of an accident / accident and cooperate regularly with the crew.

Fight on the plane, in Otopeni

Unfortunately, according to the statement issued by TAROM, the woman did not speak English or Romanian and did not cooperate during the training. We remind you that emergency exits are activated during an incident / accident, and those in their right should be aware of what responsibilities are exposed by occupying those places.

In the case of Otopeni, the woman had also blocked the access area with luggage. They were sitting under their chairs and at their feet. Being in an emergency exit area, luggage should only be stored in specially arranged compartments above the head.

Good! In the aforementioned situation, the crew asked the woman for the boarding pass to check if the place occupied is the one on the boardingpass. At that time, her husband intervened, assaulting a crew member and accusing her of abusing, noting that the crew has no right to legitimize his wife. From the aforementioned, it appears that the woman did not take place at the emergency exits, but next to her husband, lastly. Where he moved after the scandal began.

Seeing that the situation is out of control, the commander requested the intervention of the Border Police and TAROM security personnel. After a fierce battle on board, in an attempt to put his handcuffs on, the 2 passengers and their children were landed.

About rules, intervention and prejudices

That was the thread of events. But the images that appeared in the public space surprised only the intervention of the Border Police agents, without presenting the ones that happened before. From here and the wave of indignation of many of those who followed the images.

But let's get back to the topic. In my opinion, the crew and those who intervened acted according to aviation rules. We have seen similar actions in the United States, the United Kingdom, France or other Asian countries. To know that in situation Americans is even more violent, including the use of the armament provided.

About some I wrote at the time. I also wrote about the sanctions received by recalcitrant passengers: 85000 of fine pounds for a woman in the UK (payment of damages to the airline) / $ 172 fine for a man of Asian descent (payment of damages to the airline). Plus a few months in prison.

The rules are made to be respected, not violated. Aviation works according to strict rules, which must be respected by ALL, regardless of social status, nationality, skin color, etc. We wrote an article with WHAT NOT TO DO IN AIRCRAFT!

Let's not judge by appearances

Yes, the images that appear online can influence you positively or negatively. I can make you make judgments about how you intervened or how you did not intervene. The truth is that on the edge it is easy to tell from your mouth or fingers. But before we accuse the TAROM crew or Border Police officers, why not blame the passengers for not complying with the flight regulations? Before we ask for leniency, it is better to follow all the rules.

Before we come with prejudices, let's look at the whole event as a whole and think about the safety and security of the flight, whatever that may be.

If the above mentioned ones you know are not correct or you have evidence in other directions, please communicate them in the comments and we will seek to obtain other information from authorities, airlines etc.

  1. Dan says

    Zauuuu, you're dusty,… what about the statement: - I break your teeth from your mouth if you're still filming?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      In situations of this degeneration, bullying and loud words are used for bullying. If you have participated in the protests, the intervention teams come forward and knock in shields to intimidate the protesters. It's an intervention tactic. Taking into account the conflict on board, the intervention teams are afraid of the reaction of the passengers. Especially since in this situation there were more Egyptians on board. And the plane is a closed perimeter, limited in space.

      As for the video, they will be able to claim damages because they were filmed without approval. Through these images, their lives are endangered. The plane is not a public domain. There are some rules established by the company, by the IATA and ICAO conventions, etc.…

  2. Mihai says

    Servus. I have also seen several videos and several posts and I am of your opinion about the thread of events. But the thing that outraged me was the poor training of those who took the man outside and the verbal and physical violence of the gentleman in the gray T-shirt, the violence extended to other passengers whose safety is supposed to have ensured. .

  3. Mihai says

    Hi Sorin! Your analysis is very relevant! The Border Police, as well as the crew on board, did the right thing! What seems to me revolting, however, is the behavior of an individual, dressed in sports, who wears a badge (he can be a guard, a boater, a policeman, etc.) and that prevents uninvolved passengers in the incident from filming them, even handing them over. . Moreover, at one point, it even threatens a passenger who is filming. Could it be that the intervention did not include such episodes?

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