Beat in a Wizz Air plane!

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A plane belonging to the Wizz Air company made an emergency landing in Cluj-Napoca, after three citizens got into a fight, being under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

It would be the race from Memmingen, Germany to Kutaisi, Georgia. The three passengers come from the ex-Soviet space, namely Belarus and Georgia. Witnesses say that the three would have initially argued on board the plane, while the aircraft was at high altitude, tens of minutes after takeoff.

Later, one of the Georgians hit his compatriot with a mobile phone, and the situation degenerated. The passengers intervened and helped the flight attendants calm down the rioters. However, the pilot requested an emergency landing because one of the thugs was injured.

The three were taken off the plane, and the case was taken over by the Court of Appeal from Cluj. The law enforcement officers determined that the Georgians could see their way to Kutaisi, but on a different aircraft, while the Belarusian citizen was turned away, back to Germany at Memmingen. The three men were not detained because they would not have endangered the safety of passengers and crew.

After several tens of minutes delay, the plane with the other passengers not involved in the scandal left for Kutaisi, Georgia.

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