Clear evidence that Boeing 737-800 UIA aircraft were hit by 2 rockets (video)

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New evidence emerged in the case of the aircraft crash Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines in Iran. A video posted by New York Times shows how 2 rockets were fired at the civil aircraft, 30 seconds apart. The rockets were launched from an Iranian military base about 12 miles away.

The Boeing 737-800 UIA aircraft were hit by 2 rockets

As a result of this tragedy, which took place on January 8, 2020, they lost their lives NUMBER of passengers and 9 crew members. Iran initially denied involvement in the collapse of the Boeing 737-800 UIA civil aircraft. But on the 11th of January, in front of some evidence, Iranian authorities admit that the plane was accidentally shot down by 2 missiles fired from a military base.

The investigation is ongoing and we await further evidence and information. It remains to be seen how "accidental" or "accidentally" this civil aircraft was shot down. Unfortunately, over the years, there have been civilian planes shot down "by accident".

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