Coronavirus: 200 Spaniards were stranded in Ecuador, after the plane was not allowed to land

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In these difficult times of pandemic with the new coronavirus, 200 Spaniards live the drama of their lives. Because the aircraft Airbus A340-600 Iberia was not allowed to land at Guayaquil, Ecuador, the 200 Spaniards were trapped in Ecuador.

Because of a wrong decision, taken by the mayor of Guayaquil, hundreds of Europeans are forced to stay in Ecuador, it is not known until then.

200 Spaniards were trapped in Ecuador

The paranoia of the mayor of Guayaquil, Ecuador, as the Airbus A340-600 Iberia plane would bring people infected with the new COVID-19, has led to the blockade of the police cars and the municipal authorities. The mayor overcame the government decisions, which allowed the operation of return flights.

And even in the 12th hour, the mayor of Guayaquil was not convinced that the plane was empty, even though pictures appeared on board the aircraft. Moreover, he mentioned that he would block the track again if the situation required it.

Airbus A340-600 Iberia took off empty towards Madrid

Thus, the Airbus A340-600 Iberia (EC-KZI) had to take off as empty towards Madrid.

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