Find out how you can connect to tradition right in the center of Bucharest

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During the period 14-20 September, Art & Craft Design communicates tradition in the urban, by organizing in the Old Center, on Lipscani 47, the first event in the series "Connect to tradition!" Every day, between the hours 12: 00 - 20: 00, the popular master Marin Predusel will make free, live demonstrations , of making wooden musical instruments and, in addition, it will fill the atmosphere of smiles and good will due to the shows of popular music that he will support.

"I am a popular and instrumental master," proud Marin Predusel presents. "To show you that I know how to sing and not play. When I start to sing I don't stop with the hours ”.

Marin Predusel has made, since it is known, traditional musical instruments for blowing: whistles, piculins, cavals, ocarines, whistles - chimp, pipes. The chimpoi whistle and the pipe were invented by him himself.

Moreover, in addition to free craft demonstrations and folk music, Art & Craft organizes an exhibition for sale, for all lovers of folk art and Romanian traditional objects, for passionate collectors and, last but not least, for those who do not have time and I am looking for a gift with an original Romanian design.

And if you haven't heard of Art & Craft yet, I'll come back with a dedicated article. Until then, I can tell you that Art & Craft is the store with a wide range of products: authentic handicraft and folk art products, Romanian souvenirs, own products with original design and a wide range of Romanian delicacies. About Vladut in another article!

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