This weekend I will be #calatorpevaleaprahovei

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It may sound strange, but on the weekend I will be traveling on the Prahova Valley. I admit that I have often avoided this area and this because of the infernal traffic, the crowd and some tourists who do not know how to behave like real tourists. When I go on vacation / travel, I often look for peace, I want to discover new and unknown areas of too many people. I could say that I am not a tourist but more of a traveler.

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At the invitation of the Tourism Market, I accepted the challenge of being a traveler in an area full of tourists. So, between October 25-27, a team of 10 travel bloggers (including myself) and 3 sergeants from Tourism Market will go to rediscover the Prahova Valley. Why rediscover it? Because we will have some new activities, activities that not many people have tried so far.

On the menu we have: Creasta Baiului, traditional sheepfold, Escapade Adventure Park Zamora, Cantacuzino Castle, Halewood Crames, hiking on the Foamy Valley and many other surprises. I don't know because they are surprises.

If you want to know what's going on during the 3 days, I recommend you follow me on Twitter, facebook, website. Also, follow the hashtags of the event: #CalatorPeValeaPrahovei, #TurismMarket, #HotelCompatu.

The #CalatorPeValeaPrahovei event is organized by Tourism Market and is supported by Hotel Cumpatu, Zamora Adventure Park Getaways, Halewood Wineries, Zamora Traditional Products.

  1. Petruş Lungu says

    With Tourism Market sergeants, you say? In interlop mode, that is? :))

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Not! On the "9 great craftsmen and with Manole 10" system! But how are 3, so 3 sergeants. They will be training with us these days 😀

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