June 2022 Price Revolution! Get your day off to a great start with hot deals and Genius benefits!

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The eMAG price revolution begins. For three days, between June 14-16, you benefit from too good offers, so don't miss them. There are offers at laptops, phones, sporting goods, car items, toys, beverages and groceries.

Offers Price Revolution

We are in the middle of the summer season, the holidays are knocking at the door, and most of us are on the last hundred meters before the long-awaited vacation. We can't wait for the promotions at Swimsuits, dresses, T-shirts, sandal, pants and at all accessories which we need in the summer season! We want holiday outfits!

Promotions for summer outfits and accessories

If we choose to travel by plane, it is good to be pay attention to the outfit which we will wear during the flight, but also in the way we prepare our hand luggage. At the same time, it is good to be careful what we put in the hold baggage. Pay attention to what items / things / objects they are forbidden in hand luggage and in hold baggage. Now you can find almost everything at eMAG clothing items for a cool summer!

Car item promotion

If we choose to we travel by car We need to prepare her properly for the journey. We must have complete RAR approved car package: P1 Fire Extinguisher, Medical Kit, 2x Reflective Triangles, Vest, Gloves and Storage Bag. Let's pay attention to tires, to have with us the necessary things for crisis situations and for unforeseen failures. The machine must not lack the spare wheel (where it exists and is possible) and the related tools for changing a wheel (car jack, tubular wrench for loosening studs); toolbox; lantern; car compressor. Obviously, before starting the car, the car must be checked by an authorized service center. Not to be missed MTPL insurance.

  • 3 in 1 digital car compressor: 149.99 lei
  • Einhell CC-TJ 2000 crocodile type hydraulic jack: 219.99 lei
  • Set of 12 pieces Heinner CTSM018, 3/8 ratchet wrench: 47.98 lei

Promotion of swimming pools and outdoor toys to enjoy your holiday

If you are staying at home and want to always have a vacation, then take advantage of pool offer. Why wait to go to the sea, when you can bathe whenever you want in your own yard?

For the little ones, you can arrange a playground for them as they wish. At eMAG you can find hundreds of promotions outdoor toys.

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