TAROM has released the spring issue of Insight magazine

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TAROM this week released the number on April-May 2013 of the board magazine. The edition brings together travel reports from the newest destinations of the company, but also materials about the unknown beauty of Romania and interviews with Romanian personalities of the moment.


Starting from the introduction of new races TAROM from Iasi to Rome, Bologna and Turin, Insight has designed a tasty gastronomic circuit through the three destinations, highlighting the specific ingredient of each. Also included in the magazine is a proposal for a holiday full of adrenaline and water sports in the resorts of Costa Blanca, on the Spanish shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

For those who dream of traveling on Romanian beaches, TAROM Insight proposes a tour of the fortified churches in Transylvania, where the bourgeoisie, the city administrators with an 800 year-old job can be known.

The People section of the magazine has historian Lucian Boia, the author of one of the most controversial books of the year 2013 in Romania, in the center, "Why is Romania so different?", an x-ray of the Romanian society.

Another extensive material follows the course of the young architects Adrian Iancu and Cătălin Sandu, the winners of a competition for the multifunctional arrangement of a 39 sq m studio in New York. The short Q&A interview is a questionnaire answered by actor and dancer Istvan Teglas.

We wish you a pleasant reading and clear sky!

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