TAROM is playing "black white" with the routes. Today they are launched, tomorrow canceled.

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Since 2017, since Werner Wolff came into office, TAROM has begun to move at the operational, development and communication levels. We can say it's a good thing.

In the approximately 2 years, TAROM received 4 aircraft from the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation type, has launched a Android and iOS app, After many years, they even started an online and TV advertising campaign, which bore the name "Wherever you miss it"!

But the most important evolution was in the chapter "new routes". TAROM has launched numerous domestic and international routes from Bucharest, Iași, TImișoara, Sibiu and Constanța.

It was crazy when TAROM has announced direct flights between Romania and Baku, Odessa, Tbilisi, Yerevan.

TAROM has suspended / canceled several routes

The truth is that it was not difficult to announce new routes, but it is more difficult to be full of flights and generate profit. There were routes announced for certain periods and then TAROM postponed them for other periods. There were routes launched, and soon canceled, as it was Timisoara - Paris and Cluj - Paris.

Newer routes too Bucharest - Odessa, Bucharest - Larnaca and Bucharest - Târgu Mureș they can be switched to "canceled or suspended routes". We know! Everything is commercial. Few passengers on flights, poor prospects on some routes during this time of year.

The problem is not that TAROM has canceled or suspended some routes. Most companies adjust their air operations according to season, demand and supply. The problem is that TAROM gives up some flights far too quickly compared to the dates the routes were launched.

All these moves make us believe that TAROM is still looking for the recipe for success. Those in TAROM management want to outline a direction for the company, to position it as the binding company between Eastern and Western Europe. But I do it a little chaotic, without a well-defined strategy in the medium and long term.

Let's see what 2019 will reserve for us. TAROM has announced 2 new international routes departing from Oradea: Oradea - Barcelona and Oradea - Milan. They will probably resume flights to Constanța. We hope that future actions will be made more pragmatic.

Good luck, TAROM!

  1. Paul says

    What else is heard on the route to Cairo? For several months now, I've been looking for it, periodically, in their system, and still nothing…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Exact. About the same information we have them :). We are waiting!

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