The bank can help you in the process of recovering the money after the canceled flights, but under certain conditions!

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The year 2020 was atypical for many of us. The coronavirus pandemic has upset our lives, travel plans and even our daily activities.

Many of you who read us have written to us about canceled flights, about airlines that did not respond to your emails and phone calls, you have asked us about the rules of travel to other countries. But the most common question was how you can get your money back on plane tickets after canceled flights.

The bank can help you in the recovery process

Some of you have even turned to banks. With a little more success for those in the UK. But starting from this information, we did some investigations on how your bank in Romania can help you in the process of recovering the money after the canceled flights.

The information I will report below was found by telephone following the discussions with the operators of some banks in Romania. We will not name banks. The point is, all banks say the same thing.

If the purchased plane ticket was paid by bank transfer or by card, the bank may intervene and initiate a refusal to pay ONLY under the following condition: following the canceled flight, the airline did not comply with the repayment period provided in the contract with the passenger.

But the money will reach your account only after the sales agent, in this case the airline, settles its financial part with the bank. Depending on the bank and the airline, you may be luckier or less fortunate in recovering your money.

As I have said in other cases, as long as the airline continues to fly, the money is not lost. You can opt for vouchers or refunds and you will receive them, only that the COVID-19 pandemic enters into force.

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IN CONCLUSION, you can ask for help from banks in the process of recovering money on airline tickets. But first and foremost, make sure you follow all the steps recommended by airlines and European law. Check the repayment terms and conditions. The situation may differ from bank to bank and from country to country. The type of card / account you have also matters.

Did you get your money back on the tickets for the canceled flights? How did you proceed? Did you turn to the bank?

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