The pilots activated the reversals before landing at London Stansted

Is it possible to activate the reversers on a Boeing 737-800 before touchdown?

These days have brought strong winds to Western Europe. We have seen numerous crosswind landings in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Dublin, but the case presented below is special.

The pilots activated the reversers before landing

The pilots of a Boeing 737-800 Ryanair aircraft activated the engine reversers prior to the touchdown. The plane was in the process of landing on the crosswind at London Stansted.

It is the first time I see this procedure under such conditions. Did the pilots activate the reversers correctly? What do you think?

According to the images, the aircraft landed without problems in strong wind gusts.

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  1. Adrian Eftimie says

    The Boeing 737 CL / NG can activate jet reversers from an altitude of 10 Feet with the condition that the throttle levers are idle (IDLE).
    On other models like the B777 / 787 without a ground signal, the reversers do not open. In these planes, the jet reversers have a triple locking system just to eliminate any possibility of opening in flight.

    Adrian E.
    Aviation technician, active license: B737 / B777 / A320 / A330

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