The rehabilitation and modernization of the Banat-Caransebeș Airport: a project of 338 million lei!

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Aeroportul Caransebeș SA put out to tender on SEAP the design and execution of works for the objective "Rehabilitation and modernization of the Banat-Caransebeș Airport"! We are talking here about a work of over 338 million lei, approximately 67 million EURO.

right businessman Gabriel Olariu, which owns 74,6% of Aeroportul Caransebeș SA, the feasibility study has already been developed through which the technical-economic solution that will form the basis of the investment is identified.

"The specific objectives of the project are the repositioning and modernization of the runway - takeoff for a length of 2.500 m, the reconfiguration of the taxiways for servicing the runway, the arrangement of an access platform to the existing hangars, the arrangement of an area of ​​15.950 square meters for aircraft parking, the creation of a system for collecting and directing rainwater to the existing discharges, creating a modern beaconing system, creating an ILS/DME AND DVOR/DME RADIONAVIGATION system, creating an AWOS weather system and an ATIS traffic coordination system.”, it is specified in the documentation on SEAP, quoted by

The offers are expected until May 2, and the duration of the contract is quite short, 7 months, that is, until the end of this year.

In terms of funding, Pottery has high hopes in the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM), coordinated by the Ministry of Transport, having promises in this regard even from Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

However, Caransebeș Airport SA, as the contracting entity, warned the potential bidders that the award procedure is initiated by the use of the suspensive clause, the signing of the contract depending on the approval of the non-refundable financing.

"Right now I am at the Ministry of Transport, we are having discussions on POIM. We are in advanced evaluation, the auction was started in parallel with the evaluation precisely so that, in case of a favorable and positive result for financing, we will not waste time with the auction. Indeed, the auction has a suspensive clause because we do not have a guarantee of financing. But I hope that things will be positive!"

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