Top 10 best cities to visit in 2024

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Time Out polled around 20.000 people around the world, along with its global network of writers and editors, to compile its latest roundup of the best cities around the globe. Various factors were considered, including dining experiences, architecture and cultural events. The aim, says Time Out, is to provide "travel inspiration" but also "a global picture of life in the city". We will not prolong it and present below the top 10 cities to visit in 2024.

New York, United States

New York is the best city for 2024, the ideal tourist destination that has a lot to offer for any visitor, according to a ranking by media company Time Out, based on a survey of 20.000 people, reports CNN. I don't think New York needs any introduction, being the most popular city in many movies and shows, but also the place where many videos of great artists were filmed.

Cape Town, South Africa

In second place is Cape Town, South Africa, a city ranked, according to Time Out, by every survey respondent as "beautiful" thanks to its urban landscape and spectacular mountain surroundings.

Katy Scott, who grew up in Cape Town and now lives in France, says for CNN Travel that he considers it "perhaps the most unpretentious coastal city in the world", praising the opportunities to get out in nature, as well as "the highest rated". restaurants, pristine wine farms and a stylish nightlife scene.”

Berlin, Germany

The podium is completed by Berlin, Germany. Participants in the Time Out survey described Berlin as a city famous for its nightlife. I have personally been to Berlin, it is a beautiful city and worth discovering. But the night life is not above other metropolises like London or Madrid.

Time Out travel editor Grace Beard said in a statement that what all the cities on the list had in common was their "strong community spirit and undeniable atmosphere".

Top 10 best cities in the world

1. New York, USA
2. Cape Town, South Africa
3. Berlin, Germany
4. London, United Kingdom
5. Madrid, Spain
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Liverpool, Great Britain
8. Tokyo, Japan
9 Rome Italy
10. Porto, Portugal

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